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Ditch the 24/7 hustle &

put in place a game-changing

system that runs like clockwork. 

 (never spam family or friends again)

Yes! I Want it

Let me guess why you’re here...

Does this sound familiar…

You bought into the dream of online business for time and financial freedom. 

In reality, you’ve never worked harder in your life.

And you’re sick of feeling glued to your phone 24/7.

You want to be in the top 1% 

But where to start?

You’ve tried every way to make this network marketing

business happen... without the funds to show for it.  

At all. 

You’re tired of harassing your friends and family. 

Spamming is not much of a business strategy.

You want the financial freedom that was promised when you first started.

To attract the right people who want to work with you.

People who not only have the same money-making mindset as you but the drive and grit to make things happen.

Imagine your inbox full of “can I join your team” messages.

You need a proven strategy that grows your business  

Without needing you 24/7  

And makes winning look easy 

Imagine what will change when you..

... 1 Attract dream prospects with ease and take control of your life. 

...2 Ditch the hustle so you enjoy your success (instead of slogging on your phone until the battery runs out… again.)

...3 Elevate your income and experience win after win!

You already have within you what you need to exceed your income goals. 

You just need proven system and a plan so you know where to start. 

Running a successful Network Marketing business may be your dream right now. 

It can also be your reality.

This is 100% possible for you.

“Magnetic Momentum has been the BEST thing I have done to grow my business. I went from wanting to give up… to having the best month I have ever had! Thanks to Jo, team, and their systems.”

Grace Cheetham

Network Marketer - 2 years




This program is designed for driven (and burnt out) network marketers.

Discover how to attract the business you've always wanted.

We’ve helped dozens of network marketers discover that they already have everything in them to be magnetic and irresistible the easy way...

Without being fake, spammy, or salesy.

 and now it’s your turn! 

Magnetic Momentum takes you from A where you are right now to B where you want to be...

What you’ll get done in

Magnetic Momentum

    Module 1:

    Clarity with Vision and Goals

  • Get clear about what you want… and then go for it!

  • Visualise your goals (and script it all out) to call in success.

  • Understand what makes your ideal client say YES

  • Map out your brand and offer so you stand out.

    • Module 2:  

      Who are you calling in?

    • Know who your idea customer is and where to find them.

    • Get super clear on your brand and how you are bing seen visually by your ideal customers.

    • Know how to make it easy for your customers to connect and buy form you. 

    • Learn how to grow your email list and nurture to become buyers.

    Module 3:

    Become an attraction Marketing Machine

  • Wake up to an inbox full of ideal prospects ready to work with you.

  • Create inspiring content that turns clients into raving fans for life

  • Go from being the hunter to getting hunted

    Module 4: 

    Know your customers journey to buy

  • Lead your ideal client to buy from you - create everlasting momentum.

  • Learn what separates the 1% in Network Marketing (and how to be in the 1%).

  • How to nurture your customers and create a WOW customer experience.

  • Uncover the steps to create raving fans from your customers

  • (even if you don't have a customers yet.... Module 4 will help you get some and set them up to be WOWed and become raving fans!)

Join the top 1% of elite female Network Marketers in the World


Magnetic Momentum

What you’ll learn here isn’t theory. 

This program gives you the exact systems & strategies we’ve used first hand (and our clients too!) to become thriving 6 & 7 figure earning bosses.

Now it’s your turn!

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  • Access to Course Vault

  • 4 weeks LIVE Interactive Coaching

  • 4 week 'Pop up' Support Facebook™ group

  • Easy to plug & play proven systems

  • Pre Designed Templates, Planning board & self build automation tools

  • 4 Weeks VOXER access to 7 Figure Network Marketer


    Save $700 USD

    One payment of $297 USD



  • 12 mths Access to Course Vault

  • 4 weeks LIVE Interactive Coaching

  • 4 week 'Pop up' Support Facebook™ group

  • Easy to plug & play proven systems

  • Pre Designed Templates, Planning board & self build automation tools

  • 4 Weeks VOXER access to 7 Figure Network Marketer

  • Save $3847 USD

     One off payment $597 USD

  • "I Made It My Passion To Document The Exact Step By Step Process I Used To get to the TOP 1%"

    Success and Business Coach. 

    My passion is to teach, motivate and inspire every day. 

    Because when you believe in yourself (and in your path and vision) everything in life becomes possible.

    When people are living their best lives the world becomes a bit better too.

    My decades of experience in senior executive roles in the corporate world left me feeling stressed and unhappy. 

    After all, I had a dream of the life I wanted to create.  

    But it felt like I couldn't access it.  

    So what did I do?  

    I took the leap anyway.

    Worked my arse off and became a top 1% network marketer. 

    Now, when I’m not helping driven network marketers climb into the 1%... 

    You can catch me enjoying the beach, hanging with my friends, or biking with my boys. 

    I’m so delighted to welcome you to Magnetic Momentum.   

    The game-changing program that you and your business deserve.

    Jo Mould

    Co - Founder and Director

    Yes! I Want Magnetic Momentum

    Your Questions Answered

    Are there requirements or prerequisites for this course?

    Simple… our programme gives you activities you can easily pair with the activities you already do in your business.

    How do you help me stay accountable?
    • You get 4 weeks of support inside our Private Community - Full of other NWM Women like you

    • Includes weekly LIVEs for 4 weeks to answer questions and provide support Monday to Friday.

    Can I complete this at my own pace or are there deadlines?
    • You have lifetime access to the course material. The POP up will be open for 4 weeks to get you into action. Join the group for support or complete this at your own pace! 

    How do I get started?

    No questions. I’m ready for this!

    Here's our Personal Guarantee....

    If you take the exact actions that are outlined in this program you are going to get the desired outcome

    We are so certain of this we offer a 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee.

    We do ask you to provide your implemented systems and some proof that you did use what we gave you. Apart from that – we only want a community of raving fans. 

    Jo & Roe


    [email protected]

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